Career and Technical Education: The Missing Middle


There is a widening gap in America today between our richest and poorest citizens that is very alarming to today’s economy.  The United States does not place as much importance on career and technical education as other countries with advanced economies.  America ranks 2nd in the number of workers with bachelor’s degrees, but in subbaccalaureate attainment we rank 16th.   Many don’t realize that a 2-year degree in a technical field often pays more than those jobs requiring 4-year degrees.

After high school most believe there are only two choices: college or work.  It’s ironic that many parents insist on their children going to college, even though only 25% of our population receives college degrees.  To improve our economy and global competitiveness, we must improve and encourage quality career and technical education programs.  Jobs requiring career and technical education make up 45% of current job openings and are reported to be the fastest growing in the next decade.  Currently, of those with career and technical training, 43% earn more than those with an associate’s degree and 27% earn more that those with a bachelor’s degree.

Many employers today are having difficulty finding employees with the 21st century skills needed in today’s workplace.  Career and technical education is the answer to all of these issues as it provides the necessary high-skilled training for well-paying jobs that will help bolster our nation’s economy.

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