Career and Technical Education Increases Student Achievement


With so much emphasis being put on standardized achievement tests, career and technical education often gets pushed to the back burner.  What many don’t realize is that it helps those who learn best from concrete tasks reach higher student achievement levels.  According to career and technical education data from Nevada’s schools, students in a career and technical program consistently scored higher on high school proficiency exams.

  • 82% of career and technical students passed the math portion as compared to 73% overall.
  •  84% of career and technical students passed the reading portion as compared to 77% overall.
  •  The dropout rate of career and technical students was 1.72% compared to the overall rate of 4.1%.

Students in career and technical education programs develop skills for academic and future career success such as:  problem-solving, leadership, communication, time-management, and higher academic engagement.  Career and technical education is helping students work up to their potential as courses are more meaningful to them, and they are able to apply academic skills to the real-world.

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