Smart Horizons Reseller Program

Capitalize on the relationships you already have within your professional contacts and the understanding you have for the needs of your community.

Is the Lifetime Training Solutions Reseller Program right for you?

  •  Do you understand the potential that is available within each individual when they are provided with the tools to succeed?
  •  Do you want to be your own boss, determining how often you will work and when?
  •  Do you have a strong desire to help meet the needs of others and know that you’re potentially having a life-long effect by the work that you do?
  •  Do you possess a strong motivation to make contacts and persist through until you have shared your solution to help others reach independence and fulfillment?

Highlights of the reseller opportunity:

  • Lifetime Training Solutions is a family of tried-and-proven training solutions for youth and adults who are facing transition
  • Courseware is readily available because it is online.  No shipping times to consider!
  • Customization is provided for the online shopping cart and courseware portal to match the look of the purchasing organization’s website
  • Over 900 hours of training available including courses that prepare learners for certifications within strategic career tracks:  Transportation Specialist, Telecommunicator Specialist, Certified Protection Officer, Child Development Associate, Food Service Specialist, and Customer Service Specialist
  • Marketing assistance is provided to our resellers
  • Technical and customer support for the products is provided by Smart Horizons so resellers can remain focused
  • Regions or territories are assigned so each reseller has assurance of being the only representative in an area


For more information on how to become a reseller call us at 855-777-8032 or email

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