Career Elective Certified Transportation Services I

This course discusses personal attributes and behaviors beneficial to transportation service employees and describes procedures and techniques for accomplishing transportation service job tasks. The course is presented in two semesters.

Semester 1 focuses on attitudes and behaviors transportation service professionals should recognize, modify, and control. It discusses methods for communicating across cultural lines, defines bullying and characteristics of bullies, and describes techniques for teaching children tolerance and acceptance of others. It discusses sexual harassment in the workplace, stress management techniques, time management principles, and effective conflict resolution/management methods. It defines anger, including components of childhood anger, and elements of effective anger management. It also describes types of child abuse, indicators of abuse, risk factors, key elements of abuse reporting, and actions that should be taken with a child when abuse is suspected or reported.

Semester 2 discusses purposes of a discipline policy and details rules and procedures school bus passengers are expected to follow. It defines proper procedures for operating a school bus, including mirror settings, blind spots, mirror usage, steering, turning around, backing and approaching and crossing railroad tracks. It also describes proper procedures for picking up and discharging passengers and for safely transporting students with special needs.

1 Credit

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Certified Transportation Services I: Semester 1

Conflict Resolution for Adults
Cross-Cultural Communication
Sexual Harassment Awareness
Stress Management
Time Management
Student Management
Conflict Management for Children
Childhood Anger and Anger Management
Bullying Identification and Prevention
Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse
Sexual Abuse Awareness
Physical Abuse Awareness
Certified Transportation Services I: Semester 1 Test

Certified Transportation Services I Semester 2

Knowing Your Route
Pickup and Discharge Procedures
Railroad Crossing Safety
Stress and Driver Attitude
Vehicle Operation
Students with Special Needs: The Basics
Students with Special Needs: Recognizing and Relating to Students
Students with Special Needs: Loading and Unloading
Students with Special Needs: Handling Emergency Situations
Certified Transportation Services I: Semester 2 Test

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