Health: Health and Personal Fitness

This course discusses healthy concepts and behaviors as well as personal fitness guidelines and activities. The course is presented in two semesters.

Semester 1 discusses the importance of making healthy decisions and the impact of risky behavior is explored to illustrate the contribution an individual’s behavior has on their health. It also discusses medical conditions, the medical system, and recommendations for seeking assistance when confronted with potential health issues.

Semester 2 discusses the importance physical fitness has on health and ways to increase levels of physical activity to improve or safeguard health. Types of fitness strategies are reviewed in addition to recommendations for participating in various activities and the different health benefits that can be expected from making a choice to be physically active.

1 Credit

There are no prerequisites for this course.

This course is aligned to the National Health Education Standards (NHES), National Association for Sport and Physical Education, Florida Sunshine State Standards, and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Standards.

Health Semester 1  

Healthy Body Systems
Disease Prevention
Influences on Healthy Behaviors
Familial and Environmental Affects on Health
Health Information and Products
Health Care Services
Effective Communication
Interpersonal Conflicts
Barriers to Healthy Decision Making
Making Healthy Decisions, Part I (Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs)
Making Healthy Decisions, Part II
Developing Personal Health Goals
Managing Stress
Strategies for Injury Prevention and Management
Community, State, and Federal Health Agencies
Influencing Others to Make Positive Health Choices

Personal Fitness Semester 2

Components of Physical Fitness
Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology
Developing and Using a Personal Fitness Program
Reducing Medical Risks through Physical Activity
Nutrition and Physical Fitness
Impact of Physical Fitness on Mental Health
Measuring Physical Fitness
Individual and Team Sports Considerations
Personal Fitness Guidelines
Be Fit; Be Safe
Personal Fitness Strategies
Overcoming Obstacles and Getting Started
Types of Activities
Resistance Training: An Alternative to Aerobic Exercise
Exercise and Weight Control
Physical Fitness for Individuals with Disabilities

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