Science II: Physical Science

This course emphasizes the study of the properties and nature of matter and energy. The course is presented in two semesters.

Semester 1 explores atomic theory, phases of matter, the periodic table, chemical bonding and formula representations, carbon interactions, and matter and energy in living systems. It examines chemical reactions including chemical equations, reaction kinetics, and the processes of reactions including oxidation-reduction, acid-base, direct combinations, decomposition, and displacement. This course includes an atomic and chemical reactions lab component.

Semester 2 describes Newton’s laws of motion, and the fundamental forces of matter including electromagnetism, strong and weak interactions, and gravitation. This course also details different types of energy including thermal, chemical, electrical, radiant, nuclear, magnetic, elastic, sound, and gravitational energies as well as thermodynamics and waves. This course includes a motion and forces and energy lab component.

1 Credit

There are no prerequisites for this course.

This course is aligned to the National Science Education Standards (NSES), Florida Sunshine State Standards, and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Standards.

Science II Semester 1

Atomic Theory
Properties and Phases of Matter
Periodic Table
Chemical Bonding
Nomenclature and Formula Representations
Carbon Atoms
Matter and Energy Transformations
Atomic Lab
Chemical Equations
Reaction Kinetics
Oxidation-Reduction (Redox) Reactions
Acid-Base Reactions
Direct Combination and Chemical Decomposition
Single and Double Displacement
Chemical Reactions Lab

Science II Semester 2

Newton’s First Law of Motion
Newton’s Second Law of Motion
Newton’s Third Law of Motion
Work and Power
Strong and Weak Interactions
Motion and Forces Lab
Thermal and Chemical Energy
Electrical and Radiant Energy
Nuclear and Magnetic Energy
Elastic and Sound Energy
Gravitational Energy
Laws of Thermodynamics
Energy Lab

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