Science I: Earth and Space Science

This course examines the processes of science and body of knowledge about Earth and its place in the universe. The course is presented in two semesters.

Semester 1 outlines criteria necessary for data to become scientific knowledge and details the process of scientific inquiry focusing on scientific inferences and creativity, scientific argumentation, sources of information, theories, laws, models, and the relationship between science and technology. The origin and evolution of the universe is discussed through exploration of the Big Bang Theory, astronomical objects, formation of planetary systems, properties of stars, coordinate system, astronomical distances, electromagnetic spectrum, and the effects of earth, moon, and stars.

Semester 2 discusses the earth's layers and atmosphere, plate tectonics, surfaces features and processes, oceans, geologic time, and natural and human-induced hazards. This course also describes the earth's energy systems, geochemical cycles, deep water motion, system interactions, climate, weather prediction, severe weather, and global climate change.

1 Credit

There are no prerequisites for this course.

This course is aligned to the National Science Education Standards (NSES), Florida Sunshine State Standards, and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Standards.

SCI 101: Pretest - Earth and Space Science
Scientific Knowledge
Practice of Scientific Inquiry
Sources of Information
Scientific Argumentation, Inference, Explanations and Creativity
Scientific Theories and Laws
Scientific Models
Science and Technology
Big Bang Theory
Astronomical Objects
Formation of Planetary Systems
Properties of Stars
Coordinate System
Astronomical Distances
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Effects of Earth, Moon, and Sun
SCI 101: Test

SCI 102: Pretest-Earth and Space Science
Introducing Planet Earth
Formation of Planet Earth
Evolution of Earth's Flora and Fauna
The Inner Earth
The Earth's Atmosphere
The Earth's Great Bodies of Water
The Earth's Landmasses
Our Ever-Changing Earth
The Earth's Spheres
Basic Principles of Matter
Basic Principles of Energy
The Earth's Cycles and Processes
Basic Principles of Weather
Severe Weather Events
Weather and Climate
Global Climate Change
SCI 102: Test

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