Career Elective Certified Protection Officer IV

This course describes many situations and tasks encountered by those working in the security industry. It also discusses appropriate procedures and techniques for many actions required to be taken by certified protection officers. This course is presented in two semesters.

Semester 1 describes several situations that may require intervention by certified protection officers including bomb threats, labor disputes, substance abuse, and workplace violence. It discusses potential security threats including bombs and other terrorist actions, environmental crimes, and presence of hazardous materials. It also defines procedures to foster effective communications, conduct risk assessments, and develop sound plans emergency response plans.

Semester 2 defines the extent and limits of a certified protection officer’s authority, including detention, apprehension, and use of force. It also discusses procedures for securing crime scenes, conducting interviews and performing other investigative actions, engaging in beneficial public relations, and establishing sound liaison with sworn law enforcement personnel.

1 Credit

Career Elective Certified Protection Officer I
Career Elective Certified Protection Officer II
Career Elective Certified Protection Officer III

Certified Protection Officer IV Semester 1

Explosive Devices, Bomb Threats, and Search Procedures
Fire Prevention, Detection, and Response
Hazardous Materials
Protection Officers/Emergency Response Procedures
Strikes, Lockouts, and Labor Relations
Workplace Violence
Employee Dishonesty and Crime in Business
Substance Abuse
Effective Communications
Crisis Intervention
Security Awareness
Environmental Crime Control Theory
Operational Risk
Emergency Planning and Disaster Control
Counter Terrorism and VIP Protection
Weapons of Mass Destruction: The NBC Threat
Certified Protection Officer IV: Semester 1Test

Certified Protection Officer IV Semester 2

Crime Scene Procedures
Interviewing Techniques
Investigation Concepts and Practices
Investigation Concepts and Practices II
Legal Aspects of Security
Protection Officer Law (U.S.)
Use of Force
Defensive Tactics and Officer Safety
Apprehension and Detention Procedures
Public Relations
Police and Security Liaison
Ethics and Professionalism
Certified Protection Officer IV: Semester 1Test

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