Career Elective Certified Protection Officer I

This course introduces entry-level security, professional procedures, knowledge requirements, and job performance considerations. The course is presented in two semesters.

Semester 1 discusses the professionalism and ethics expected of protection officers and the legal authorities and liabilities of the career field. It describes fundamental security job tasks including patrol, fire prevention and suppression, providing first aid, writing reports and conducting public relations. It also provides an introduction to basic usage of personal computers and describes techniques and considerations for dealing with difficult people.

Semester 2 defines types of security and patrol, discusses relations with police, the public, and labor organizations, and describes procedures for crowd and traffic control. It describes techniques and procedures for improving memory and observations skills, taking effective notes, and writing satisfactory reports. It also provides context for and builds on information introduced in Semester 1.

1 Credit

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Certified Protection Officer I Semester 1

Introduction to Professionalism and Ethics
Introduction to Public Relations
Legal Authority and Liabilities
Duties and Functions
Introduction to Fire Prevention and Suppression
Introduction to Patrol
Introduction to Report Writing
Introduction to First Aid
Computer Basics: Using Your PC
Dealing with Difficult People: Consideration
Dealing with Difficult People: Attitude
Dealing with Difficult People: Trust
Certified Protection Officer I: Semester 1Test

Certified Protection Officer I Semester 2

Types of Security
Protection of People
Basic Professionalism and Ethics
Basic Public Relations
Labor Relations
Relations with Police
Memory and Observation Skills
Taking Notes
Techniques for Writing Reports
Understanding Techniques
Types of Patrol
Factors of Patrol
Protection Officers and Traffic Control
Protective Clothing
Methods of Controlling Traffic
Construction Traffic and Flagpersons
Crowd Control
Certified Protection Officer I: Semester 2 Test

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