Career Elective Office Management IV

This course describes the functionality of Power Point 2007 and discusses effective methods for dealing with difficult people. This course is presented in two semesters.

Semester 1 describes use of basic Power Point 2007 capabilities including designing, formatting, and inserting material.

Semester 2 describes use of advanced Power Point 2007 capabilities including clip art, pictures, graphs, and tables. It also discusses techniques for enhancing interactions with difficult people.

1 Credit

Career Elective Office Management I
Career Elective Office Management II
Career Elective Office Management III

Office Management IV Semester 1

PowerPoint 2007: Getting Started
PowerPoint 2007: Developing a Presentation
PowerPoint 2007: Design Elements
PowerPoint 2007: Inserting Shapes
PowerPoint 2007: Formatting Shapes
Office Management IV: Semester 1 Test

Office Management IV Semester 2

PowerPoint 2007: Clip Art, Pictures, and WordArt
PowerPoint 2007: SmartArt Graphics
PowerPoint 2007: Charts and Tables
Dealing with Difficult People: Consideration
Dealing with Difficult People: Attitude
Dealing with Difficult People: Trust
Dealing with Difficult People: Communication
Office Management IV: Semester 2 Test

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