Career Elective Office Management II

This course discusses personal and interpersonal attitudes and behaviors beneficial to the office management professional. It also basic computer systems and programs often used in an office environment. This course is presented in two semesters.

Semester 1 discusses effective communication, tolerance, sexual harassment awareness, conflict resolution, and stress management. It also describes common computer systems, and introduces basic computer skills.

Semester 2 describes basic uses and functionality of the Microsoft Office 2007 software program.

1 Credit

Career Elective Office Management I

Office Management II Semester 1

Conflict Resolution for Adults
Cross-Cultural Communication
Sexual Harassment Awareness
Stress Management
Computer Basics: Using Your PC
Office Management II: Semester 1 Test

Office Management II Semester 2

Outlook 2007: Sending and Receiving E-Mail
Outlook 2007: Managing E-Mail
Outlook 2007: Creating Contacts and Distribution Lists
Outlook 2007: Using the Calendar
Outlook 2007: Setting Tasks and To-Do Items
Outlook 2007: Staying Safe with E-Mail
Outlook 2007: Organizing E-Mail
Office Management II: Semester 2 Test

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