Career Elective Office Management I

This course addresses two skill sets critical to effective office management. These are the ability to effectively manage individuals’ time and the ability to motivate co-workers. The course is presented in two semesters.

Semester 1 is dedicated to proven time management fundamentals and techniques. It discusses prioritization, definition of goals, task organization, determents to effective time management, and control of workloads, meetings, and time leaks.

Semester 2 provides an overview of organization and individual motivation. It discusses the importance of establishing and communicating a vision of the organization’s purpose. It also describes how to build trust, how to reward and correct job performance, and how to define and provide required training.

1 Credit

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Office Management I Semester 1

Time Management for Maximum Productivity: Controlling Time Leaks
Time Management Fundamentals: Evaluating and Improving Time Management
Time Management Fundamentals: Organizing Tasks and Creating Uninterrupted Time
Time Management Fundamentals: Managing Meetings
Time Management Fundamentals: Managing Workload
Time Management Fundamentals: Managing Time with Co-Workers
Time Management for Maximum Productivity: Taming Time
Time Management for Maximum Productivity: Prioritizing and Procrastinating
Time Management for Maximum Productivity: Establishing Goals
Time Management for Maximum Productivity: Managing Time Together
Office Management I: Semester 1 Test

Office Management I Semester 2

Motivation: Leading with a Vision
Motivation: Communicating
Motivation: Rewarding and Correcting
Motivation: Performance and Training
Motivation: Building Trust
Office Management I: Semester 2 Test

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