Career Elective Homeland Security II

This course presents some of the best and safest methods for accomplishing numerous tasks required of the homeland security professional. It provides candidate homeland security professionals some of the expertise needed to carry out the important mission of protecting people, property, and information. The course is presented in two semesters.

Semester 1 describes techniques and procedures for controlling access to an area of interest and how to gather, protect, and present evidence including witness testimony. It also discusses basic safety requirements with emphasis on fire safety advanced first aid procedures.

Semester 2 discusses threats posed by bombs and other explosives and describes alarm systems components and operation. It also defines common criminal offenses, legal jurisdictions, and the powers of a homeland security professional, and describes techniques for motivating and communicating with emphasis on dealing with difficult people.

1 Credit

Career Elective Homeland Security I

Homeland Security II Semester 1

Preserving Evidence
Providing Testimony
Perimeter, Area, and Point Protection Systems
Techniques for Controlling Access and Egress
Badges, Digital Controls, and Barriers
Security of Information
General Safety
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Fire Safety
Basic Fire Prevention, Detection, and Suppression
Fire Classes and Extinguishers
Officer Responsibilities in Case of Fire
Emergency Measures Plan
Advanced First Aid
Homeland Security II: Semester 1 Test

Homeland Security II Semester 2

Containers for Explosives
Receiving and Responding to Bomb Threats
Telephone Bomb Threats
Bomb Placement
Overview of Alarms
Components of Alarms
General Operating Procedures
Powers of a Protection Officer
Common Offenses
Legal Jurisdictions
Dealing with Difficult People: Communication
Dealing with Difficult People: Responsibility
Motivation: Leading with a Vision
Motivation: Communicating
Homeland Security II: Semester 2 Test

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