General Career Preparation IV: Life and Career Skills

This course describes various life and career skills. This course is presented in two semesters.

Semester 1 describes communication, self management, work and life balance, and building relationships.

Semester 2 describes workplace environment, how to work as teams, and various innovations in the workplace

1 Credit

General Career Preparation I
General Career Preparation II
General Career Preparation III

General Career Preparation IV: Semester 1

Communication: Curing Common Meetings Ailments
Communication: Effective Business Writing
Communication: Keeping Meeting Participants Awake
Communication: People Styles at Work
Communication: Resolving Conflict
Communication: Telephone Etiquette
Communication: The Influence Edge and E-Mail
Communication: The Peoples Styles Model
Communication: Understanding Negotiation
Communication: Working Wounded: Effective Business Presentations
Communication: Working Wounded: Giving an Apology at Work
Communication: Working Wounded: Leading a Successful Meeting
Communication: Working Wounded: Making Group Decisions
Communication: Working Wounded: Working Through Conflict
GCP IV_S1: Communication Test
Self Management: Becoming More Assertive
Self Management: Business Protocol
Self Management: Creative Time Management for the New Millennium
Self Management: Dealing with Non-Stop Change
Self Management: Goal Setting and Action Planning
Self Management: Leap of Faith
Self Management: Self-Motivation Through Self-Talk
Self Management: Self-Talk First Aid Kit
Self Management: The Dynamics of Self-Talk
Self Management: The Influence Edge and Change
Self Management: The Influence Edge Model
Self Management: Working Wounded: Dealing with a Messy Desk
Self Management: Working Wounded: Getting More Work Done
Self Management: Working Wounded: Office Politics
Self Management: Working Wounded: Performance Appraisals
GCPIV_S1: Self Management Test
Work and Life Balance: Child Care Selection
Work and Life Balance: Elder Care Selection
Work and Life Balance: Embracing New Technology
Work and Life Balance: Exhausted Single Working Parent
Work and Life Balance: Financial Planning for Elder Care
Work and Life Balance: Making a Case to Telecommute
Work and Life Balance: Overload in an Over-Wired World
Work and Life Balance: Telecommuting
Work and Life Balance: The Moral Dilemma of Success
Work and Life Balance: The Risks of Job Burnout
Work and Life Balance: Working Wounded: Connecting with your kids when traveling
Work and Life Balance: Working Wounded: Information Overload
GCPIV_S1: Work and Life Balance Test
Building Relationships: Socializing at Work
Building Relationships: Understanding Behavioral Intentions
GCPIV_S1: Building Relationships Test
General Career Preparation IV: Semester 1Test

General Career Preparation IV: Semester 2

Workplace Environment: Computer Comfort
Workplace Environment: Diversity Effectiveness-An Overview
Workplace Environment: E-Mail and Internet Privacy at Work
Workplace Environment: Ethical Decision Making
Workplace Environment: Ethics in the Workplace-Choose Wisely
Workplace Environment: Moving Towards Diversity Effectiveness
Workplace Environment: Preventing Sexual Harassment
Workplace Environment: Preventing Violence in the Workplace
Workplace Environment: Working Wounded: Overcoming Your Own Bias
Workplace Environment: Working Wounded: Ingredients for Disaster
GCPIV_S2: Workplace Environment Test
Teams that Work: Building Effective Teams
Teams that Work: Leading Effective Teams
GCPIV_S2: Teams that Work Test
Innovation in the Workplace: Creating Ideas
Innovation in the Workplace: Measuring Success
Innovation in the Workplace: Harnessing Energy
Innovation in the Workplace: Asking Questions
Innovation in the Workplace: Identifying the Enemies of Ideas and Innovation
Innovation in the Workplace: Defining Innovation and Determining your Point of View
GCPIV_S2: Innovation in the Workplace Test
General Career Preparation IV: Semester 2 Test

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