Parallel Path Program

The Parallel Path Program offered through Smart Horizons Career Online High School (SHCOHS) ensures that students at risk of not passing required state assessments have a “back-up plan” for graduation.

Struggling students have the opportunity to earn credits toward graduation through SHCOHS. For students who do not pass the state assessment, SHCOHS will award transfer credit for courses previously taken at their local district school so that they can still earn an accredited high school diploma.

In addition to the diploma, students graduate with a career certificate that teaches job skills and prepares them for employment. Certificates areas include: Childcare Education, Office Management, Protection Services, Homeland Security, Transportation Services, Professional Skills, Retail Customer Service Skills, or Food & Customer Service Skills.

Who Benefits from the Parallel Path Program?

Students who are credit deficient, unable to pass state exams, in need of non-traditional education, working, or teen parents

Program Cost: $1295

• SHCOHS accepts credits transferred from regionally accredited public or private schools.

• All students must take a minimum of 4 SHCOHS credits and have a minimum of 18 credits to be eligible for the issuance of a SHCOHS AdvancED/SACS accredited high school diploma.








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