Career and SchoolCareer & School

Our Career and School catalog addresses the next steps in your independence, whether those steps are directed toward a job or career or whether they are in the direction of further education.

  • Career/School
  • Planning
    • Career Exploration
  • Employment
    • Employee Deductions, Benefits and Rights
    • Need 2 Know: Job Tips
    • Secrets: Landing and Keeping a Job
  • Education
    • Creating an Educational Plan
    • Education and a Career
    • Educational Resources
  • Work Skills
    • Netiquette
    • Time Management
  • Resume and Interviews
    • Basic Letters
    • Cover Letters
    • Job Applications and Interviews
    • Thank you Letters
    • Writing Your Resume
  • Study Skills
    • Completing Homework
    • Influences on Study habits
    • Study Techniques
    • Using the Internet as a Study Resource

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