Vocational Education: One Solution to Keeping Students in School

As vocational education continues to disappear in our nation’s schools, more and more students are claiming it’s just what they need to keep them IN school.

In one survey, 81% of students responded that their chances of graduating from high school would have improved if schools provided more opportunities for real-world learning. Students want to see a connection between their future and school. A report by the Pioneer Institute shows that the dropout rate in Massachusetts is 11%, but in their regional vocational technical schools the dropout rate was less than 4 %.

Let’s face it—all students are not the same. Everyone is different and every student is not going to attend college. Some lack the interest and some just don’t possess the academic skills to continue their education. We should be providing these students with training in a viable skill to help them succeed after graduation.

Posted in Drop Out Recovery, Truancy by craig.templeman at January 20th, 2014.

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