The Top 5 Career Readiness Skills

In order to be “career ready” for any job you need a set of skills that are transferable to any career path.  These skills go beyond degrees, training, qualifications and experiences and are desirable across all employment sectors.  Here are the top 5 career readiness skills employers are looking for. 1. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving The [...]

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Career and Technical Education by the Numbers

More and more people in today’s society are beginning to realize the value of career and technical education courses.  Over the years, these courses have continued to evolve to meet students’ academic needs as well as industry needs at the same time.  Career and technical education provides flexible, real-world learning opportunities which prepare our students [...]

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Do you need a career?

Career and Technical Education Increases Student Achievement

With so much emphasis being put on standardized achievement tests, career and technical education often gets pushed to the back burner.  What many don’t realize is that it helps those who learn best from concrete tasks reach higher student achievement levels.  According to career and technical education data from Nevada’s schools, students in a career [...]

The Changing Face of Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education has come a long way since the apprenticeship agreements of colonial times.  Throughout the years it has continued to evolve and change to meet the needs of an ever-changing workforce.  In 2006, it even experienced a name change from “Vocational Education” to “Career and Technical Education.” Courses today look at lot [...]

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Career and Technical Education: The Missing Middle

There is a widening gap in America today between our richest and poorest citizens that is very alarming to today’s economy.  The United States does not place as much importance on career and technical education as other countries with advanced economies.  America ranks 2nd in the number of workers with bachelor’s degrees, but in subbaccalaureate [...]

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6 Advantages of Career and Technical Education

Career and technical education programs are a promising path to employment that is often not utilized. Here are 6 advantages of career and technical education that you might not realize: 1.      Cost Most career and technical programs are offered in community colleges, vocational schools, or even high schools.  Therefore, tuition is much less expensive than [...]

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A Crisis in Minority Youth Unemployment

The graphic below illustrates that low-wage workers have improved their overall education levels in the United States.  However, it also indicates that a larger number of older workers are filling the ranks of low wage workers.  This is due to the economic recession and continuing sluggish economy as well as more and more baby boomers [...]

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The Shift in American Education

Employers across the country claim they can’t find qualified applicants even though unemployment remains high. Clearly the skills gap of American workers is widening.  An estimated 90 million workers lack critical job skills in the U.S. A solution is to provide more career and technical education at the high school level.  Read more here

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The Expansion of Online Job Training Programs Can Break the Unemployment Cycle

We are living in challenging times. The U.S. is not the only country facing difficulties in its economy as we hear daily about economic crisis points in European countries.  Officially, the “Great Recession” ended some years ago, but a look at the sluggish growth of the U.S. economy and the debate about real unemployment rates [...]

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