How to Communicate During a Hurricane

Hurricanes are massive storm systems that contain multiple hazards including high winds, flooding, power outages, lightening, and possible tornadic activity.  The biggest threat from a hurricane is windblown debris and the potential for structural damage to buildings.  It is important to seek shelter prior to a storm in an area not susceptible to flooding or [...]

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Lifetime Training Solutions Develops Online Financial Literacy Program

New program to benefit at-risk youth lacking knowledge in key money management concepts. PENSACOLA, Fla., July 7, 2015 — Smart Horizons Lifetime Training Solutions is excited to announce the release of our recently developed financial literacy program. All too often people learn financial literacy the hard way by making mistakes and racking up credit card [...]

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Online Learning Can Help Improve Education in the Juvenile Justice System

Of the 70,000 students in the juvenile justice system, only 25% leave on track to re-enter school.  According to federal reports, only 15% of the juvenile justice population showed any type of improvement in reading, and less than half of students in the system for more than 90 days earned one or more course credits.  [...]

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Life Skills are Essential to Ending Homelessness

Approximately 700,000 people in the United States are homeless.  The vast majority of this population has the ability to pull themselves out of it; they just need a little help.  Teaching the homeless professional and life skills in order to help them gain sustainable employment is the key to helping end this epidemic. A variety [...]

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The Top 5 Career Readiness Skills

In order to be “career ready” for any job you need a set of skills that are transferable to any career path.  These skills go beyond degrees, training, qualifications and experiences and are desirable across all employment sectors.  Here are the top 5 career readiness skills employers are looking for. 1. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving The [...]

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Parallel Path – A Win-Win Scenario

Smart Horizons as an organization is fortunate to have professionals from varied backgrounds and experiences. As a way for the LTS blog to broaden its horizons and offer more insights and opinions, I’ve asked other members of the corporate family to guest blog. Mr. Metzger has worked as both a courseware developer and marketing specialist [...]

Benefits of Traditional Hands-on Life-Skills Programs for People in Transition

By Scott Brand While life-skills educational modalities are the rage in all academic circles including public schools – perhaps one of the most compelling potential benefactors of this innovative teaching method are people in transition. This is particularly the case with both teens and adults in a drug rehab setting as well as those entered [...]

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6 Life Skills All Teens Need Before They Graduate

Life skills are necessary to become a successful, independent adult.  Here are 6 life skills all teens need to achieve self-sufficiency. 1.     Managing Money Managing home finances is a key skill that will affect their financial welfare throughout their whole lives.  It is important to teach teens about making good financial decisions before they are [...]

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Meeting Life’s Challenges

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Climb to new heights

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