Instructional Access Utilizes 21st Century Learning Grant to Help At-Risk Students

Digital Pathways provides essential technology and life skills to students in Tulare, California. Utilizing a 21st Century Learning Grant, Instructional Access is providing essential technology and life skills to at-risk students through its Digital Pathways program.  Currently, 7 junior high schools in the Tulare, California area benefit from this after-school program.  21st Century Learning Grants [...]

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Online Learning Can Help Improve Education in the Juvenile Justice System

Of the 70,000 students in the juvenile justice system, only 25% leave on track to re-enter school.  According to federal reports, only 15% of the juvenile justice population showed any type of improvement in reading, and less than half of students in the system for more than 90 days earned one or more course credits.  [...]

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Career and Technical Education by the Numbers

More and more people in today’s society are beginning to realize the value of career and technical education courses.  Over the years, these courses have continued to evolve to meet students’ academic needs as well as industry needs at the same time.  Career and technical education provides flexible, real-world learning opportunities which prepare our students [...]

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Career and Technical Education Increases Student Achievement

With so much emphasis being put on standardized achievement tests, career and technical education often gets pushed to the back burner.  What many don’t realize is that it helps those who learn best from concrete tasks reach higher student achievement levels.  According to career and technical education data from Nevada’s schools, students in a career [...]

Managing the Future of Truant Youth

As the nation struggles to find ways to manage the growing truancy trend, dropouts are trying to find ways to manage their lives.  80% of dropouts began as truants.  These students get so far behind in school they find it is easier to dropout than catch-up.  For many, dropping out leads to a lifetime of [...]

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Truancy Prevention Podcast Episode 1

Truancy is an alarming trend on the rise in America’s schools. It begins the chain of events that eventually leads to dropping out of school. In conjunction with this program, we are excited to release our first podcast in our truancy prevention series. This series of podcasts follows the life of John as he struggles [...]

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Vocational Education: One Solution to Keeping Students in School

As vocational education continues to disappear in our nation’s schools, more and more students are claiming it’s just what they need to keep them IN school. In one survey, 81% of students responded that their chances of graduating from high school would have improved if schools provided more opportunities for real-world learning. Students want to [...]

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Alternative Options to Reduce Truancy and Dropout Rates

Across the United States various organizations, educators, and government agencies are taking a multifaceted approach to stemming the tide of the truancy and dropout epidemics affecting our youth of today. One such option is provided by a Boys and Girls Club in California.  According to CBS Los Angeles, this nonprofit organization has partnered with a [...]

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Dropout Recovery Infographic

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.  

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Truancy leads to deliquency

A national increase in truancy has created a crime spree across the country The rise of truant youth all over the nation has led to an explosion of violence on the streets of many cities across the United States. The number of juvenile offenders who started out as truants is estimated at 95%. Truancy leads [...]

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