Instructional Access Utilizes 21st Century Learning Grant to Help At-Risk Students

Digital Pathways provides essential technology and life skills to students in Tulare, California. Utilizing a 21st Century Learning Grant, Instructional Access is providing essential technology and life skills to at-risk students through its Digital Pathways program.  Currently, 7 junior high schools in the Tulare, California area benefit from this after-school program.  21st Century Learning Grants [...]

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McDonalds Announces New Educational Benefits Package

McDonalds USA announced a new employee benefits package, which includes expanding educational opportunities for employees who lack a high school diploma.  The company announced April 1st that they will be implementing the Smart Horizons Career Online Education high school program for qualifying employees at both company owned and franchise restaurants.  The benefits will be offered [...]

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Parallel Path – A Win-Win Scenario

Smart Horizons as an organization is fortunate to have professionals from varied backgrounds and experiences. As a way for the LTS blog to broaden its horizons and offer more insights and opinions, I’ve asked other members of the corporate family to guest blog. Mr. Metzger has worked as both a courseware developer and marketing specialist [...]

Career and Technical Education Increases Student Achievement

With so much emphasis being put on standardized achievement tests, career and technical education often gets pushed to the back burner.  What many don’t realize is that it helps those who learn best from concrete tasks reach higher student achievement levels.  According to career and technical education data from Nevada’s schools, students in a career [...]

Career and Technical Education: A Solution to Dropout Prevention

According to the National Dropout Prevention Center, career and technical education is one of the 15 strategies that have the biggest impact on the dropout rate.  One of the main reasons students drop out is they are not interested or motivated by academic courses that seem to have no application to the real-world.  Career and [...]

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Vocational Education: One Solution to Keeping Students in School

As vocational education continues to disappear in our nation’s schools, more and more students are claiming it’s just what they need to keep them IN school. In one survey, 81% of students responded that their chances of graduating from high school would have improved if schools provided more opportunities for real-world learning. Students want to [...]

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Alternative Options to Reduce Truancy and Dropout Rates

Across the United States various organizations, educators, and government agencies are taking a multifaceted approach to stemming the tide of the truancy and dropout epidemics affecting our youth of today. One such option is provided by a Boys and Girls Club in California.  According to CBS Los Angeles, this nonprofit organization has partnered with a [...]

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Los Angeles Library to Offer High School Diplomas

The Los Angeles Public Library is evolving from a place where people can check out books and surf the Web to one where residents can also earn an accredited high school diploma. The library announced Thursday that it is teaming up with a private online learning company to debut the program for high school dropouts, [...]

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Dropout Recovery Infographic

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.  

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Do You Have The Right Skill Sets

Retail industry adding jobs for those with the right skill sets One-third of public high school students fail to graduate each year.  For those students, finding a job in today’s job market is tough.  Without a high school diploma and the right skill sets your options are slim.  Unemployment rates for those lacking a diploma [...]

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