How Can Blended Learning Help the At-Risk Community

slide4Blended learning is a powerful learning model that combines the benefits of online instructional tools with traditional face-to-face instruction. A benefit of the blended learning model for non-profits and government agencies is the ability to reach out to the at-risk community in a unique way.  Combining online learning with group training sessions allows the organization to cast a wider net in reaching at-risk youth or adults in transition, without having to add additional staff.  Those individuals in more rural parts of a state can access online lessons at their convenience.  As a follow up, periodic group sessions, one-on-one mentoring, or counseling can occur as necessary. Online assessments can tell case managers where additional training is required and help individuals who need more life skills training or educational tutoring.  Students who have fallen behind in their studies can take high school credit recovery classes online, and then meet with teachers or mentors to receive additional reinforcement instruction when needed.

Another key benefit of the blended learning model is for those students who do not do well in traditional classroom settings.  Whether it is because of a learning disability, behavioral issues, or simply because the student needs to learn at their own pace, online education can help.  These students can benefit greatly through their own directed learning environment using the online technology.  When additional instruction is required a student can set up structured tutoring with a teacher.  This is a great use of the organizational computer lab for students who do better on their own but still need some direction and structure in the learning path.

In an age where funding is very limited, the cost-effectiveness of adding online learning programs is hard to beat. Think about what your clients need to help with their educational plan and consider the best way to integrate online tools.

Posted in At-Risk Youth, Education by craig.templeman at April 14th, 2014.

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