6 Reasons Online Credit Recovery is an Effective Option

LTS-Credit-Recovery-Blog_123rf10310525A new report shows that an estimated 90% of Americans own some type of computerized gadget.  With technology essentially a part of every American’s daily life, it is only natural that it is becoming an integral part of the educational community.  Online credit recovery programs have become a legitimate way to help struggling students make up academic credits.

Here are 6 reasons online credit recovery is an effective option:

1.      Flexibility

Online learning can be accomplished anywhere there is an internet connection and at any time of day.  This flexibility allows students who are busy during the summer with work or family trips to make their own schedule.

2.      Pacing 

Online learning allows students to set the learning pace.  Struggling students do not feel pressured to move quickly, but instead can review and repeat the instruction as needed in order to master the required concepts.

3.      Individualized Instruction

Not all students learn in the same way.  Those who have not passed courses in the traditional classroom may find the online format better suited to their learning style.  Through the use of course management technology coupled with the online teacher, online credit recovery allows for differentiation of instruction in order to meet individual student needs.

4.      Removes Social Stigma

Often, failing a class leaves a student feeling embarrassed and discouraged.  Online credit recovery is a discrete option that promotes success and removes the social stigma of attending “summer school.”

5.       Promotes Student Engagement

Online credit recovery programs utilize interactive content, animation, simulations, and video and audio content to engage students and supplement the learning experience.

6.      Reduces the Dropout Rate

Online credit recovery provides a new opportunity for students to stay in and finish high school.  Students can recover the needed classes online and return to school in the fall ready to continue at the same level as their peers.  This option helps eliminate the temptation of dropping out.

Posted in At-Risk Youth, Education by craig.templeman at May 16th, 2014.

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