• Lifetime Training Solutions®

    Lifetime Training Solutions® provides relevant, interactive and trackable training for youth and adults transitional situations. Whether for youth moving toward self-sufficiency or for adults looking to re-enter the job market on a better footing, Lifetime Training Solutions provides critical life skills and career training products that empower independence.

  • Independent Living Skills

    The truth is, not everyone gets the information they need about how to succeed on their own before they are expected to. In today’s trying economy, this just isn’t going to cut it. Independent Living Skills training enables youth in transition to hurdle the limits of their challenging situations and bypass survival mode in order to push toward meaningful action, purpose-driven decisions, and fulfilling roles.

  • Transitional Skills

    The Smart Horizons Transitional Life Skills program provides an organized, consistent, and verifiable method of preparing adults to meet the challenges of life’s transitions. The comprehensive program includes life skills courses, as well as professional skills training, to equip individuals with the tools they need in today’s workplace. For more information contact us at 855-777-8032 or by email at tls.info@smarthorizons.org

  • Vocational Job Training

    Our vocational training is tailored to the needs of adults in transition and those training for a career, not just an occupation. Though our training prepares learners for strategic certifications, we are not solely interested in helping people pass a test; rather, we are interested in helping people pass through to success.

  • Parenting

    We hear you. There’s no life transition like the one that comes with parenting. Lifetime Training Solutions’ newest training product for Parenting is currently in development. We’ll keep you posted.

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